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Friends of Tempsford Museum

Running alongside the trustees are a group called the Friends of Tempsford Museum.

As a friend of the Tempsford Museum and  Archive, you will be part of a group of  people with the same aims as the trustees; helping to achieve the goal of preserving Tempsford’s past for posterity. You will not have a direct role as a trustee, but you will be part of a team spirit to help to keep the museum running and help us to save the past for the future.

The cost of membership is £10.00 per year single or £15.00 per year for a couple. Membership entitles you to free admission to the museum and archives whenever the museum is open. It also entitles the member to half price admission to any special events, such as speakers or larger archive display events etc. Also each member will receive a yearly newsletter, keeping you updated with what has happened throughout the year. Members will also have the right to attend the AGM held each year and will be able to vote or stand for election as a trustee.

Membership does not put anyone under any legal or general obligations, but the money raised through membership fees helps the group to plan ahead, knowing that there will be a regular income for the Museum and Archives to cover  overheads. It also helps the trustees to build a fund towards purchasing any items on the open market, deemed to be of historical value to the archives.

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