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Family History Research

If your ancestor lived in Tempsford, then it is likely we hold information that could help you with your family research. We hold thousands of photographs of Tempsford residents, going back more than 140 years, such as those seen below. These include School photos, Sports photos as well as family photographs. We also have a large collection of Census Records, Birth, Baptism and Death Records, Cemetery Records and Newspaper articles. Please dont hesitate to get in touch using the link above.

Image by Ekaterina Shakharova

Do you have any photographs of Tempsford?

Did your family live in Tempsford ?

Photographs and family documents can be Family treasures, but sadly with the passage of time our ancestors may not see the importance or value of them and they inevitably end up in the bin.  

Why not deposit them with us, or allow the Tempsford Museum and Archives to Copy them for posterity. Thankfully we have copied thousands of old family photos which are now saved for those ancestors who may visit in the future to find their families history.

We can arrange to visit your home to scan the photos if it helps.

Contact the Chairman Steve Cooney on 01767 640968 or email

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